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What is Leadership and Life Coaching?

Coaching is one of those activities that can be explained in various ways and people still have that confused, not totally bought-in look. That’s because coaching is an activity that has to be experienced more than it can be explained.

A coach, not a therapist– Coaching focuses on the present, working towards the future while therapy focuses on the past to “fix’ what’s broken”. Coaching focuses on what is working well in your life and how we can leverage that in other areas while unearthing possibilities – turning good to great. The coaching relationship is that of questions and tools, not answers. The answers reside within you and we uncover them through coaching.

A collaborative partner, not just a listening ear– As a coach, we are not the expert about your life…you are. We bring to the table a supportive and collaborative partnership on the issues that are most important to you. Our goal is to be of service to you while holding the space for authentic change to occur. Together, we work on a plan for getting you on a clear path towards your vision while establishing accountabilities to help you continue to move forward. The idea is to allow your authentic self to come into view and be fully expressed.

Deepening growth, not flashpan achievement – In order to achieve enduring change, we do not simply coach the problem. Our method of coaching involves our clients gaining new awareness of being and doing. We explore how the construction of our thoughts and feelings determine the actions taken. Through these reflections we can co-create a path towards personal and professional mastery and fulfillment.

"We transform today's possibilities into tomorrow's reality!"

  • Ralph Plaskett, Co-Founder The Plaskett Institute

How does it work?

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  1. Establish Coaching Agreement

    Uncovering what it means to be coached and establishing the goals for the coaching engagement.

  2. Co-create Working Framework

    We create clarity around what really matters in order to align intention with action.

  3. Performance & Pivot

    We create support structures to moving forward boldly by holding true to our commitments and decisions

  • “I worked with coach Ralph Plaskett over a 7-week period. Although I was eager for the training, it became apparent early on that Ralph was not just helping me to attain professional excellence; he unexpectedly helped me to realize some deeply rooted thoughts that were hindering my growth; revealed a few 'AHA' moments; and provided practical tools that I have implemented to achieve my goals. His holistic approach to addressing what was holding me back, provided me with more than a corporate coach. It became evident that he wants what the best for his clients and is genuinely concerned with our well being. I highly recommend Ralph as a professional resource.”
    Loán Sewer
    Principal, Gobi Consulting, LLC
  • “I learned a lot about myself during my coaching sessions with Ralph. He opened my eyes in discovering and recognizing similar patterns and connections I was displaying in my life. I have learned and implemented valuable strategies in facing the challenges in my life. Ralph has made a real impact on my life! He is a truly gifted and passionate coach!”
    Asana Husebo
    Teacher, VA
  • “Ralph provided excellent coaching that allowed me to improve my interpersonal skills that I felt were keeping me from moving forward professionally. His ability to get to the point of the problem and questioning to work me through the issue was invaluable! Ralph was also extremely helpful in preparing me for an upcoming change in positions, helping me to refine my response through his careful consideration and ability to get me to find the answers I had inside myself.”
    Don Fruehling
    Deputy Division Chief, Office of Naval Intelligence
  • “Ralph Plaskett is a gifted coach and agent for change with real talent for helping others realize their unlocked potential. Through his efforts I was able to realize within myself an increased optimism for the future and a harnessing my own strengths and abilities to adapt to change and shape outcomes. Meaningful relationships, whether they be professional or personal, are now stronger and I am now better able to clearly see my roles in each thanks to Ralph’s work.”
    Eric Folkestad
    Colonel U.S. Army Reserves

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